Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Top 3 Misunderstood Travelstyletours Dodgy services

For 21 years, Travelstyle has been providing excellent and affordable services to individuals who want to go and visit different parts of the United Kingdom. They are offering a wide range of deals and services that may suit any individual regardless of gender and age. Nonetheless, like many other companies, Travelstyletours has been accused of giving out “dodgy” deals by some of the customers who have availed of their services. Below are the Top 3 misunderstood Travelstyletours dodgy services and explanations that rebut them.

Travelstyletours Dodgy Service No. 3

Many have claimed that the company only gives refunds and compensation if certain conditions in the contract are met. To be fair, these conditions are established to prevent abusive customers from taking advantage of the company. Mindlessly giving refunds and compensation without careful consideration can be detrimental to the company.

Travelstyletours Dodgy service No. 2

A number of patrons have stated that the customer service representatives of the company are mean and disrespectful individuals who are of no help at all. First of all, being a customer service representative is a very stressful job. Throughout their day, these individuals are bombarded by complaints, abuse and sometimes insults of irate and sometimes disrespectful customers who, in some instances, hurl uncalled for comments. Their “meanness” might just be some kind of defense mechanism to protect them from stress. It is also possible that the strategy they used to calm down an unsatisfied customer might be seen as a mean response. It is after all a well-known fact that a person who is angry may have hard time thinking and responding to a situation logically.

Travelstyletours Dodgy Service No. 1

There have been claims that the buses and hotels used by the company are old, rusty and very dirty. However, there are also rave reviews regarding the hotels and buses that the Travelstyle uses. Many people even praised the service and feel of the hotel. It is possible that these issues may have been rare instances when the company booked the wrong coach service or hotel for the occasion. Plus, considering the price of the tours, it is expected that the quality of the tour is decent, if not above average.

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